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PieCoin is incredibly powerful and surprisingly simple. You can send some PIE to anyone in your life, even those who don't know about PieCoin or cryptocurrency. We will make it simple for them to get involved. Need to pay someone using PieCoin? No problem we'll make sure they get their payment. You won't even need to ask them to create an address for you.


You can send PIE to anyone you know using popular social media channels.

PieCoin is designed to be the easiest cryptocurrency to use by anyone. Just because you want to use cryptocurrency shouldn't mean you need to learn complicated software or addresses. Using PieCoin Social Sending you can send payment to anyone using their user name or messaging system on social media. It has never been easier to send and receive payemtns thatn with PieCoin... Easy as PIE!

Pay PIE @someone with Twitter

Send friends PIE on Facebook

Give a slice of PIE on Reddit

Share some PIE over chat

Earn some PIE with your blog

Gift some PIE over email

and more!